Install questions

Q: Can't locate Test/More.pm in @INC
A:  sudo yum -y install cpan || sudo apt-get -y install cpan
     sudo cpan Test::More

Q: bash: sudo: command not found

A:  su -
     apt-get -y install sudo || yum -y install sudo

Q: UserName is not in the sudoers file
A: su -
    echo "UserName ALL=(ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers

Q: Another app is currently holding the yum lock ( Fedora 15 install bug )
A: sudo rm -f /var/run/yum.pid

Main questions

Q: Why do you need sudo?
A: Sudo is necessary to write /etc/hosts file to ban websites

Q: Will you steal my passwords?
A: No, I have my own.
A: The program uses output from tcpdump and gets only host names.